My life started in the Southwest having been born in Colorado, the first of five children born to a United States Army Major.  Being in a military family that then took the family to Kansas, Panama, Missouri, and then to Texas.  My formative years were spent in El Paso, learning to love the Southwest, the Mexican food, and the diversified culture.

While living in El Paso I got my first camera, a Brownie Starmite which I have on display.  After college I moved to Minnesota and became more serious about my photography and that meant some better and more sophisticated cameras.  Because buying negative film, getting it processed and printed was expensive, reversal AKA slide film became my mainstay.  Slide film is the most difficult to shoot because the exposure latitude is basically non-existant so it forces you early on to learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, use of a tripod and all the things photographers now seem to gloss over.  When I started shooting more seriously I mainly photographed architecture, landscapes, shot special effects like extended shutter opening, and everything but people.  Shooting people made me nervous, little was I to know I would end up shooting people more than anything else.

After shooting many rolls of film and buying and trying a variety of lenses I knew I was going to need some help to move up the ladder to become a better photographer.  Had established a relationship with Tracey Walker from Chicago which had a much larger and sophisticated modeling and photography climate.  She was going to be hosting a seminar with Stan Malinowski as the key speaker.  After finding out what I could about Stan, I knew I had to meet him and find out what I could.  Stan is a top international photographer shooting on both sides of the fence so to speak, fashion work with Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, and on the glamour side, shooting with Playboy and Penthouse.  Stan discovered Cindy Crawford in his backyard, Chicago, and Suzanne Somers out in LA.  The guy worked with some of the top models and magazines in the world.

I kept up a relationship with Stan and we have kept in touch and worked together several times.  I even do his web hosting for his web sites.

Over the years my photography work took a lot of side routes while concentrating on glamour and fashion.

In 2003 I was contacted by a company who needed a real estate photographer which results in creating 360 Minnesota. which spawned Omniround and now New Mexico Virtual Tours.  Recently I became the “goto” photographer for auction.com in New Mexico.

Quite often I would get requests to shoot events for individuals and companies which resulted in creating Photograph Events back in 2004.  To give it a local flavor, most of the site has been migrated to Picture New Mexico.  Since I love shooting places and landscapes, I felt a need to keep up on what events were happening around the state so I could combine my scenic photography and coordinate those efforts with events going on.  This resulted in Roadside New Mexico which is yet to be launched.

Some of my models were actually band members, groupies, promoters, or in some way related to various bands, primarily upper midwest rock bands.  Thought it would be interesting to shoot them on stage which lead to doing a lot of band and entertainer photography, Entertainer Photo starting in 2005.

You can’t help but photograph hot air balloons if you have a camera and are in the Albuquerque are and was surprised there wasn’t a dedicated ballooning site for the capital of hot air ballooning so I started Ballooning Capital and Ballooning Capital of the World which are one site.

That takes us back to the beginning, and that is the people I love to photograph that I initially was afraid of.  I have branched into senior pictures, headshots, portfolios, weddings, Quinceañeras and while still keeping on top of all of my photographic endeavors.  To sum up everything, I thought it would be suitable to call myself the Southwest Photographer which covers the people, the places, and the events that make up the great Southwest!

Thanks for hanging in there 🙂